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What is Hydroponics

Many people have heard different things about hydroponics, there are many misconceptions about what it’s for and how to do it.

Literally, hydroponics means working water, taking from ‘hydro’ meaning water and ‘ponics’ meaning labor.

The growing of plants using hydroponics techniques is hardly a recently development.

The roots of Hydroponics dates back several hundred years B.C. from civilizations like the Aztecs the Chinese and in the hanging gardens of Babylon.

But since then, the technologies used in hydroponics have come on leaps and bounds making it a very different growing method today.

Quite simply, hydroponics is the method of growing plants in non-arable areas, such space ships (yes, NASA does use Hydroponics),

Pacific based soldiers in World War two, or more mundanely, if the soil is too inhospitable for effective growth.

As Hydroponics developed it became more accessible to the casual grower or farmer and quickly people grew more aware of the inherent advantage of growing hydroponically over traditional methods.

Hulton Hydroponics supply a complete range of Hydroponic equipment.

We offer a fast and friendly service based on years of experience in this field. Contact us today to ascertain the grow method which best suits your needs.

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